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Hosts: Joanie & Michael
Phone +64 (0)7 866 0177
325 Black Jack Road
Otama Beach - RD2
Whitianga, New Zealand



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Directions from Auckland

Once out of the city, you will stay on Highway 1 for 56km. After descending over the Bombay Hills (the only slope up then slope down on the motorway), get in the left hand lane so you can take the turn off toward Coromandel Peninsula & Tauranga on Highway 2. You will follow this for 33 km. Your next turn-off is Highway 25 Thames/Coromandel Peninsula. You will travel on a flat, straight road through small towns (be sure to slow to 50 or 70 km as indicated). After crossing a long bridge you arrive at a roundabount, take the second exit towads Tairua and Whitianga.and continue for 1 km. Take the next left onto Highway 25A. Now begins the winding road over the mountains to the east coast beach region.of the Coromandel . It is a further 45-minute drive from Tairua to the seaside township of Whitianga.

You will enter Whitianga and drive alongside the Airfield - continue until you reach a "T" intersection (the ocean will be in front of you). Turn left and continue over a bridge. You will pass over some hills (about 15 minutes driving) and enter the small township of Kuaotunu. There you turn right onto the Black Jack Road and continue up the hill following the road (including a short 800m section of gravel road) until you come down to your view of Otama beach and we are the first house on your left just before you are at the beach. Our distinctive sign carved out of native Kauri will be visible from the road. We are a large pole house. 325 Black Jack Road. Happy driving and remember to stay to the left side of the road.

Otama Beach Hideaway - Phone +64 (0)7 866 0177 - 325 Black Jack Rd, Otama Beach - Coromandel Peninsula, NZ
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